HVAC Software: Easy Job Scheduling & Management

As an HVAC technician, the job isn’t over once you put your tools away. Scheduling, customer management, quotes & invoices, reporting, job sheets - there's a lot to keep track of. Manage it all effortlessly with ToolTime’s HVAC software.

Efficient job scheduling for your whole team

Job tracking and mobile job sheets for on-the-job reporting

Professional and quick estimates, quotes & invoices

Time management and digital timesheets

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All admin in one place with our HVAC business software

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning: your HVAC business involves a wide range of daily tasks. Making sure that everything runs smoothly, your customers stay satisfied and your team all know what they need to do can feel impossible. But ToolTime’s easy-to-use HVAC software lets you stay on top of everything without breaking a sweat!

ToolTime works seamlessly in both the office and on-site, so you’ll always stay connected wherever work takes you. Get an in-depth overview of your business with the web software - manage customers, calendars, documents and more. And with the mobile app, stay up to date with your team while they're on the job. 

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Appointment view of ToolTime's HVAC software

Features of our software for HVAC businesses

The HVAC scheduling software for your whole team

Get an instant oversight of your team’s availability and on-site progress with our HVAC scheduling feature. Make use of the list, calendar and map views to plan work efficiently and ensure you’re optimising every minute of the day. Simply assign jobs to your technicians and they’ll automatically be notified on their smartphones. Once you add the job instructions, customer details and materials, they’ll be able to see it all in the HVAC mobile app.

Track job progress in real-time and stay updated on the status of each job as your team tracks their hours and adds notes directly within the app. ToolTime ensures seamless communication throughout the entire process.

appointment view of ToolTime's plumbing software and app

Chill out and let ToolTime handle your paperwork.

Our HVAC software means you can spend your evenings and weekends relaxing instead of worrying about paperwork. Explore it with a personalised demo!
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Straightforward HVAC field service software: Be ready for anything

Managing an HVAC business and planning your field workers means you have to prepare for emergency appointments and urgent call-outs. You need to make sure you’re able to adapt your team’s schedules and minimise downtime for your clients. With ToolTime, you can shift around your whole team’s calendar in just a few clicks, allowing you to be agile and respond to your customer’s needs quickly.

Customer not turned up?

No problem. Find their contact details in the mobile app and give them a call at the touch of a button.

Customer wants to reschedule last minute?
Simply make changes to the appointment in the browser view, and the assigned engineer will be notified on their phone.

Technician has a clash?
ToolTime will automatically flag when there’s a schedule conflict when creating a new job. Check everyone’s schedules at a glance and re-assign the job to another engineer.

Urgent appointment request?

See who’s available and easily shift around other jobs in the calendar view. All assigned workers will be notified automatically.

Appointment view and notification from ToolTime's gas engineer app

Create documents in a flash with our HVAC service software

With ToolTime, you no longer need to spend your evenings manually writing up quotes or invoices. Create beautiful and professional customer documents complete with your company branding, customised costs and accurate items. Seamlessly transform a completed job sheet into a quote and then into an invoice. When you’re ready, send the documents directly to your customer from within ToolTime, ensuring that they get it fast. Everything is handled in a few clicks. It’s really that simple. 

gas engineer quotes creating with ToolTime

Your working day - with and without ToolTime's software for HVAC professionals

Without ToolTime
6:30 AM
Without ToolTime
You arrive at the office and need to discuss today’s orders, materials needs, and job locations with your team. This is often time-consuming and disorganised.
The team benefit from ToolTime’s easy job scheduling feature and receives all their job instructions and appointments on their phones. There’s no need to meet in person at the start of the day, and so your team can head directly to the job sites.
10 AM
Without ToolTime
You struggle to manage your team’s schedules to accommodate for emergency call-outs. It’s chaotic trying to rearrange everyone’s calendars by calling them all individually. 
You assign last-minute calls to your team members and they receive everything instantly to their phones. There’s no need to call everyone individually as all the info is sent to them automatically via the app. 
1 PM
Without ToolTime
Your team take photos of their work once completed but it’s a nightmare keeping track of who sent what and where. You spend far too long searching in different messaging apps and then matching the photos to the right jobs.
Everyone on-site takes photos in the ToolTime app as they work. They don’t need to do anything else as the photos are automatically stored in ToolTime and visible to you in the office. Everything is organised and you have a clear overview of all completed work in one secure place.
4 PM
Without ToolTime
After work, you have to handle your technicians' timesheets. This involves sifting through stacks of paper and manually entering the data into Excel, which takes up your entire evening. Additionally, you still need to prepare and send out quotes and invoices to your customers.
Using ToolTime’s HVAC app, your team have tracked their working hours throughout the day. You can easily view and export this data for payroll. Creating and sending invoices and quotes to your customers becomes effortless. Now you can relax and enjoy your evening!

Further features of our HVAC software & app

With ToolTime, you can guarantee that our web and mobile apps have exactly what you need when it comes to running a plumbing business.

Client database


Add new customers with their details and store your existing customer database with ToolTime. Store all the data securely and assign customers to projects and jobs in a tick.

Digital timesheets


Our gas engineer time tracking feature means that you'll be able to see and export a complete summary of your team's time entries. Perfect for easy payroll processes.



ToolTime's digital catalogue makes life easy when it comes to quote, invoice and job sheet creation. Store all your materials or labour here and easily transfer them to quotes and invoices.

SMS reminders


Automatically remind your customers about upcoming appointments with our free text reminder feature.

Digital project folders


Create space and organisation in the office - say goodbye to piles of paperwork! In ToolTime’s digital project folders, you can store all appointments, documents and order information in one place. Your team can easily access the info they need from their phones while on the go.

Job tracking and documenting


Instead of writing all job details down by hand, store everything you need and track job progress digitally in ToolTime’s mobile app. Record voice notes, take photos and log notes from your smartphone. Get a digital signature from your customer to confirm the job.

Everything logged on-site is immediately visible in the web version of ToolTime. Once you’ve got the signature, ToolTime will generate a professional job sheet in PDF format for you to export or send.

Financial dashboard


In the dashboard, you can get a clear overview of your turnover for the last few months and your total income. You’ll also be able to see all unpaid invoices and finalised quotes.

Calendar management and scheduling


Schedule your whole team’s week in a couple of clicks. Requested work can be created as projects and assigned to specific workers.

On to the next job: app users will be able to view their upcoming appointments from their phones meaning no more unnecessary trips to the office!

Work from anywhere and store everything securely in the cloud

ToolTime is a cloud-based software which means that all your invoices, accounts, quotes, images and documents are stored securely in one place. This means that nothing will get lost, even if your smartphone or computer is on the blink. Our computer software for plumbers is compatible with all devices and you can use it on Mac and Windows. You can use the mobile app on any smartphone too.

Our real-time sync ensures that your whole team is kept on-track and up-to-date. Every time a change is made it's updated across all devices. This saves you unnecessary phone calls, journeys and doubling up on work.

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ToolTime app for gas engineers and with icons to show the syncing feature

Fast and reliable UK customer support

Got some questions about specific features or need help getting started with ToolTime? Speak to our friendly local team via the in-app live chat, on the phone or by email. We respond in minutes and are always happy to help.

In addition we also offer:

A digital help centre with how-to guides

Detailed software walkthroughs

Personalised setup and support

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"ToolTime is clean and effortless. It's incredibly important to both me and my crew that the tool we use is simple and user-friendly. And ToolTime is just that!"

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“It’s fantastic for me to see what work and payments we have coming in via appointments and invoices and the potential work in the pipeline from quotes.”

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"ToolTime makes my business’s workflows smoother and lets me focus more on making sure we’re delivering top quality work to our customers."

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"The flexibility ToolTime provides is fantastic. It's not set up with one particular trade in mind and is very adaptable. The functionality is great, very easy to use."

quote icon

This has been a great decision for my business.
Communication to help me integrate the software to my business has been so helpful.
The software is very flexible in catering to my needs.
It already looks like my best investment to date.

quote icon

This software is very user-friendly and is very quick and easy to understand. It helps job planning hugely. Images and files can be attached to projects and makes it easier for employees on-site without having to rely on paperwork. I recommend it!


What is HVAC software?


HVAC software refers to applications and systems used by HVAC professionals to aid them in the daily operations of their business. Features of HVAC software, like ToolTime, include: quoting and invoicing, digital job sheets, scheduling and planning, appointment management, document creation and storage and project management.

How much does HVAC software cost?


ToolTime’s HVAC software costs just £54 a month when billed annually and £59 a month when billed monthly. This cost includes a license for the office software and a license for the mobile app. Additional mobile app licenses are priced at £27 when billed annually and £29 when billed monthly.

What is mobile HVAC software?


Mobile HVAC software refers to applications that are designed to be used on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Mobile HVAC software, like ToolTime, includes features that users can benefit from when out in the field such as: job scheduling, documentation via job sheets, photo capture and note recording, measurements, digital signatures and more.

Check out the easiest HVAC software yourself!

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