Time tracking app for tradespeople: Effortless online timesheets

Time is money! Keep track of your team’s hours with our easy-to-use online time tracking software and mobile app.

Simple and accurate time tracking

Digital timesheets stored in the cloud

Dashboard overview of hours worked

Easy management of absences and holidays

Reduce time spent on admin and paperwork

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Eddy's Facility Management - Time tracking app in trade businesses
"This feature is really great. Now I know how long my guys are working on something."
Eduard Fitterer,
Eddy's Facility Management

Run your business like clockwork with our time tracking software

Busy week and a full calendar? The last thing you need is more work. Yet managing your timesheets can be a huge headache. It only gets worse when you have to deal with mistakes, guesswork, and missing documents.

But there’s an easy fix! With ToolTime you can accurately track time with no hassle. ToolTime's time tracking app allows your team to record their hours directly from their phones. The mobile app syncs directly with the web version, so whatever is entered on-site is instantly visible from the office, ready to be exported or emailed. A few clicks and it’s done.

How our timesheet app for tradespeople works

ToolTime makes time tracking simple. In the smartphone app, your employees can effortlessly track their working hours and see an overview of their time entries.

1. Start

Your team has arrived on-site. Under the ‘Time tracking’ tab, they can start logging their hours. Choose between starting the stopwatch or manually adding time or absences.

2. Pause

Need a coffee break? As soon as your team member needs a break, they can click ‘pause.’ The duration of the break will be tracked until they click to resume working.

3. Finish

Done for the day? One click and you can finish the time tracking and save the day’s entry.

4. Edit and delete

Took a break but forgot to start the stopwatch again? No problem: just hop into the general overview to adjust the date, start time, end time, break duration and add any notes for the office.

5. Appointments

If you need to, assign your tracked time to the relevant appointment and transfer it to your job sheet, ready to be signed by the client.

Mobile time tracking app with a stopwatch feature

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How an online time tracking software can benefit your business

No matter your trade or business size, a good timesheet system is crucial. But traditional time tracking can quickly become hard work. How many hours have you spent swamped in admin?

ToolTime’s online timesheets can help you cut down on paperwork, manage your employees properly and even allow you to make smart decisions to optimise time. Our software stores all data in the cloud, meaning you can manage and update time entires from anywhere and any device. Our mobile app even works offline too.
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The problem:
Chaos and lost hours
After a long day working, your team is ready to put their feet up. But there’s still more work to do. Everyone needs to update their timesheets in Excel. And to top it all off, a form’s gone missing. You’ll have to chase your team tomorrow to find it so you can invoice your client properly.
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The solution:
ToolTime’s digital timesheet app
Your team has already logged their working time from their phones. They’ve added it while on-site and already assigned it to their appointments. You’ve seen the entries update in real-time and can export them for payroll whenever they need. Your team can go straight home and check their upcoming jobs from the app.

People management for office users

ToolTime is the ideal employee time tracking app for those who need to plan in advance. In the browser app, you can see an overview of your whole team’s time entries and even filter by date, project and absences. Plan efficiently to make sure you always have enough staff on board. And when you're ready, easily export your timesheets as a CSV or Excel file.

ToolTime's timesheets software listing time entries from tradesmen
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"ToolTime is clean and effortless. It's incredibly important to both me and my crew that the tool we use is simple and user-friendly. And ToolTime is just that!"

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“It’s fantastic for me to see what work and payments we have coming in via appointments and invoices and the potential work in the pipeline from quotes.”

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"ToolTime makes my business’s workflows smoother and lets me focus more on making sure we’re delivering top quality work to our customers."

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"The flexibility ToolTime provides is fantastic. It's not set up with one particular trade in mind and is very adaptable. The functionality is great, very easy to use."

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This has been a great decision for my business.
Communication to help me integrate the software to my business has been so helpful.
The software is very flexible in catering to my needs.
It already looks like my best investment to date.

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This software is very user-friendly and is very quick and easy to understand. It helps job planning hugely. Images and files can be attached to projects and makes it easier for employees on-site without having to rely on paperwork. I recommend it!

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