Straightforward job scheduling software for tradespeople

Manage your projects, plan upcoming jobs and sort your team's calendar without breaking a sweat. All with ToolTime's job scheduling software.

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"This software is so user-friendly and easy to understand. In practice, it's hugely helped our job scheduling and planning."
Kenny Dallas, Dallas Tiling

Plan ahead: the job scheduling software for your trade business

Make job planning stress-free and stop relying on clunky communication. In the web version of ToolTime's job scheduling software, easily create new projects and appointments with all the key details and documents. Assign work to available on-site team members and they'll get all the info straight to their smartphones. It's that simple.

With ToolTime’s time tracking feature, you’ll get a real-time view of who’s currently clocked in and working. That way, you can ensure work is completed efficiently without needing to be there on-site.

A job scheduling app and software for desktop showing list of planned appointments


In the calendar’s daily or weekly view, keep an eye on everyone's upcoming work. Dive into detail with filters and keep all your appointments in one place with our Google calendar integration.

Appointment list

The appointment list lets you see an overview of all jobs. View everything together or filter by status (scheduled, recorded, completed or without project). Looking for a specific job or employee? Use the search feature to pull it up in seconds.

Map view

Start optimising your team’s time by planning travel between sites. Easily see where jobs are on the map and say goodbye to wasted journeys.

A digital calendar with scheduled jobs for a trade workerList of appointments in planning software for tradesmenMap view of scheduled jobs

Keep everyone on track with employee job scheduling in real-time

Whether you’re in the office, at home or at a job, ToolTime keeps everyone in sync. Any schedule changes are available to view across all devices in real-time. Need to update a job location? No worries. Simply update it in the desktop app and your team members will see it right from their phone.

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Appointment notification from ToolTime app

How our job scheduling software for tradesmen works

In the browser version, create and assign new appointments to your team members. Not at the office? Add them from the smartphone app and everything will sync across devices.

Choose the relevant client and project from your database, or create new ones. Add all the important stuff - coworkers, notes, dates and more.

Appointment creation screen from ToolTime's tradesman scheduling software with dates, times and employees

Everything you need in the mobile app

Your team members can find all the important job details in the ToolTime mobile app:

Address and navigation

Instantly access job addresses and direct to them in a click with our Google and Apple maps integration.


See what work needs to be done and if there are any special requirements.

Materials and services

View the materials and services needed for the job so you know exactly what to buy or bring.

Contact details

Find the customer's contact details in seconds to quickly get in touch if there are any issues.

Other assigned workers

See who's also working alongside you on-site.

Project details

See if there are any special requirements from the customer or things to be aware of.

Job planning app showing a painting job's details and description
Focus on your trade.
not your admin.
We make admin and paperwork easy. A few clicks and you’re up and running.
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Prevent job scheduling problems with ToolTime

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Schedule conflicts
Work is piling up on your desk and it’s hard to keep on top of everything. Preventable mistakes keep slipping through the cracks and you’re drowning in paperwork. You’ve got a client waiting to book but the tradesperson for the job is double booked! Everything is chaotic and stressful, and you’ve had to make the tough decision to cancel a job last minute.
Our tradesman scheduling software flags all job conflicts so you’ll notice any problems before they happen. That way you can offer your client an alternative date. No work or money lost.
Your client is unwell and has to reschedule the job. Short-term changes like this happen all the time. You have to tell every team member individually and reschedule. You’re on the phone for hours, wasting time you could have spent on better things.
Leave overtime behind with our job planning software. Choose the appointment, change the date or time and all assigned team members will be notified instantly on their phones. No more drama.
Contact details
Your client hasn’t turned up to the job location. Your employee on-site is desperately trying to find their details amongst pages and pages of notes.
With ToolTime, all client details are viewable in one tap. Your employee on-site can choose the appointment and find the client’s number, address, email and more. They can give them a ring without any hassle.

More features

Mobile job sheets

Create job sheets as you go. Take photos, get a signature and add measurements, materials and more.

Client database

Manage your clients and securely store all their contact details, special requirements, notes and more.

Cloud software

Thanks to the cloud, you can access your data from anywhere and with any device - without any installation.


Stay on top of your turnover, outstanding invoices and closed quotes. All in one place.

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"ToolTime is clean and effortless. It's incredibly important to both me and my crew that the tool we use is simple and user-friendly. And ToolTime is just that!"

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“It’s fantastic for me to see what work and payments we have coming in via appointments and invoices and the potential work in the pipeline from quotes.”

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"ToolTime makes my business’s workflows smoother and lets me focus more on making sure we’re delivering top quality work to our customers."

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"The flexibility ToolTime provides is fantastic. It's not set up with one particular trade in mind and is very adaptable. The functionality is great, very easy to use."

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This has been a great decision for my business.
Communication to help me integrate the software to my business has been so helpful.
The software is very flexible in catering to my needs.
It already looks like my best investment to date.

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This software is very user-friendly and is very quick and easy to understand. It helps job planning hugely. Images and files can be attached to projects and makes it easier for employees on-site without having to rely on paperwork. I recommend it!


What is a job scheduling software?


A job scheduling software helps trade businesses do their best work by making it easier for admin staff to plan upcoming work and allocate jobs to individual employees. Job scheduling apps can allow users to easily see conflicts, reschedule appointments and notify team members with instructions, details and important documents.

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