Construction management software: Plan jobs easily

From scheduling to site documentation, ToolTime’s construction management software lets you to tackle your paperwork and processes with ease:

Streamlined scheduling and planning

Seamless communication with team members

Automated timesheets for smoother processes

Fast quote & invoice creation

Document management & digital catalogue

On-site materials, measurement and photo logging

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We’ve saved more than 50% of time on paperwork with ToolTime. Now it takes just 5 minutes for each job.

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Director of Zafbuild
William de Wet from Zafbuild - ToolTime's construction management software customer
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Simplify construction team and job management with our builder software

Running a successful construction business requires efficient organisation, communication and management. With ToolTime, you can tackle all of this easily, in one place. In our web app, schedule jobs effortlessly, manage your resources and assign jobs to builders in a few clicks. When work is underway, get a real-time glimpse of the progress without needing to be on-site. Creating quotes and invoices is simple: choose from fully customisable clean and professional templates and send them to your clients in a flash.

Job management for your on-site team is equally as smooth. In ToolTime’s mobile app for builders, your team will receive notifications about their jobs and be able to view all details, requirements and documents from their phones. As they work, they can track job progress by adding notes, logging materials or measurements, tracking their hours and even capturing before and after photos.

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Appointment view of ToolTime's construction management software

Features for construction job management

Keep everyone on track with our construction scheduling software

Stop spending excessive time and effort scheduling jobs! With ToolTime, it's easy. When you create an appointment in the web view and assign it to team members, they'll instantly get notified and be able to see all the essential job info in the mobile app. Our construction scheduling software includes three helpful views:

Calendar view:

  • View everyone's weekly and daily schedules at once.
  • Link to your Google, Apple or Outlook calendar to keep everything in one place.
  • Reschedule jobs easily and assigned will get automatically updated with the new details.

Map view:

  • Visualise where your team’s job sites are for more efficient routing.
  • Choose to see everyone’s jobs or a select few.

List view:

  • Filter by status or employee to stay up-to-date.
  • Easily search for a specific appointment.
Map view of ToolTime's software for builders

Take control of your projects.

Trust ToolTime to simplify every aspect of paperwork and project management. Try our construction management app for yourself.
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Easy quotes and estimates: Log time, materials and measurements with precision

In any building project, logging precise and accurate measurements, services and materials is absolutely necessary. If any info is lost or tracked incorrectly, it can lead to project delays, increased costs and unimpressed clients. Instead of relying on pen and paper and risking these problems, the ToolTime builder app allows you to effortlessly track work in the app for on-site workers.

Record working hours using the stopwatch or by adding manual time entries, log the materials used or needed for the job and even add precise measurements. Everything is stored securely, is instantly visible to the office and can be easily transferred to your customer-facing documents like quotes and estimates, or exported for payroll.

Centralise job documents with
our home builder software

As a builder, you’re often working with a lot of different forms and documents. Losing a piece of paper or having to dig through WhatsApp chats is less than ideal. Instead, ToolTime allows you to store everything you need, from blueprints to estimates, safely in the cloud. ToolTime’s web and mobile apps sync together automatically, so everything your team logs in the app whilst on-site is immediately visible to you from your computer - and vice-versa!

Our software gives you a central place to keep everything, allowing you and the team to access key documents without hassle. Everything updates without you having to do anything. Communication is seamless, fast and convenient. No more mishaps or chaos.

Builder's quotes creation with ToolTime

Your working day - with and without ToolTime's construction management software

Without ToolTime
6:30 AM
Without ToolTime
You meet the team at the office and start preparing for the day, reviewing plans and scheduling tasks for everyone individually. This takes a long time and keeps everyone waiting.
All team members can view their tasks and work instructions in the construction app. There’s no need to meet in person or spend ages on briefings.
10 AM
Without ToolTime
Questions pour in from your team, each wants clarification on materials, dimensions, or project details. Misplaced documents only add to the confusion, slowing down progress and frustrating the team. Meanwhile, the phone is ringing off the hook with clients seeking quotes, updates, or changes to their projects.
You get far fewer questions from your team as all updated dimensions, tasks and materials are already added to the appointment and visible in the ToolTime app. Your customers call, but you handle new orders quickly and easily reschedule knowing that ToolTime will automatically notify the right workers.
1 PM
Without ToolTime
With the team on a break, you seize the opportunity to catch up on paperwork, respond to emails, and schedule jobs. You realise you’re missing key details about measurements for a specific job. You need to send out someone to complete the measurements again and the whole project is delayed.
You can relax and enjoy a well-deserved break instead of worrying about paperwork. All measurements and key job details are stored securely and precisely in ToolTime, so you don’t have to worry about extra costs or delays.
4 PM
Without ToolTime
Your team want to finish for the day but they still need to come back to the office and hand in their timesheets. You work through each team member's working hours and add them to an Excel sheet. After this, you still need to create invoices, sign them and send to customers. Plus, you need to prepare the work for your team for the next day: who needs to be where, when and what's needed.
Your team have already entered their working hours in ToolTime’s mobile app during the day. You can view all their entries in a few clicks and export it for payroll purposes. Everyone can go home and will be able to see their upcoming jobs right from their phones. You can call it a day and enjoy your evening.

Additional features of our construction software

With ToolTime, you can guarantee that our web and mobile apps have exactly what you need when it comes to running a building business.

Client database


Add new customers with their details and store your existing customer database with ToolTime. Store all the data securely and assign customers to projects and jobs in a tick.

Digital timesheets


Our gas engineer time tracking feature means that you'll be able to see and export a complete summary of your team's time entries. Perfect for easy payroll processes.



ToolTime's digital catalogue makes life easy when it comes to quote, invoice and job sheet creation. Store all your materials or labour here and easily transfer them to quotes and invoices.

SMS reminders


Automatically remind your customers about upcoming appointments with our free text reminder feature.

Digital project folders


Create space and organisation in the office - say goodbye to piles of paperwork! In ToolTime’s digital project folders, you can store all appointments, documents and order information in one place. Your team can easily access the info they need from their phones while on the go.

Job tracking and documenting


Instead of writing all job details down by hand, store everything you need and track job progress digitally in ToolTime’s mobile app. Record voice notes, take photos and log notes from your smartphone. Get a digital signature from your customer to confirm the job.

Everything logged on-site is immediately visible in the web version of ToolTime. Once you’ve got the signature, ToolTime will generate a professional job sheet in PDF format for you to export or send.

Financial dashboard


In the dashboard, you can get a clear overview of your turnover for the last few months and your total income. You’ll also be able to see all unpaid invoices and finalised quotes.

Calendar management and scheduling


Schedule your whole team’s week in a couple of clicks. Requested work can be created as projects and assigned to specific workers.

On to the next job: app users will be able to view their upcoming appointments from their phones meaning no more unnecessary trips to the office!

Stay connected anywhere, any time with the cloud

ToolTime is a cloud-based software which means that all your invoices, customer, quotes, images and documents are stored securely in one place. Nothing will get lost even if your smartphone or computer is on the blink. Our construction software is compatible with all devices and you can use it on Mac, Windows, Apple and Android.

Our real-time sync ensures that your whole team is kept on-track and up-to-date. Every time a change is made it's updated across all devices. This saves you unnecessary phone calls, journeys and doubling up on work.

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ToolTime app for builders and with icons to show the syncing feature

Fast and reliable UK customer support

Got some questions about specific features or need help getting started with ToolTime? Speak to our friendly local team via the in-app live chat, on the phone or by email. We respond in minutes and are always happy to help.

In addition we also offer:

A digital help centre with how-to guides

Detailed software walkthroughs

Personalised setup and support

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Insite Property Maintenance
"ToolTime makes my business’s workflows smoother and lets me focus more on making sure we’re delivering top quality work to our customers."
Just Plants Bristol
"The flexibility ToolTime provides is fantastic. It's not set up with one particular trade in mind and is very adaptable. The functionality is great, very easy to use."
“It’s fantastic for me to see what work and payments we have coming in via appointments and invoices and the potential work in the pipeline from quotes.”
The Spraying Company
"ToolTime is clean and effortless. It's incredibly important to both me and my crew that the tool we use is simple and user-friendly. And ToolTime is just that!"


What is construction management software?


Construction management software, like ToolTime, is a type of computer program that enables you to make your paperwork and processes easier and more streamlined. It provides builders, managers, owners and contractors with the tools they need to organise their work, track progress and schedule jobs.

What is the best software for a small construction business?


The best software for a small construction business depends on a number of different things. When deciding on a software solution you may want to consider looking for a tool that is created specifically for your industry, that has all the necessary features and that is easy and accessible to use by your whole team.

What are the benefits of construction management software?


The benefits of construction management software are that it helps you as a business owner, to organise, complete and manage your projects, jobs and staff. The results are that you have better processes, can grow as a business, increase your profits and make your customers happy.

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