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Meet our ToolTime Team: Fabienne Geffroy, Customer Success Team

This time, we are getting to know Fabienne Geffroy who is helping our customers as a Senior Customer Success Manager.

1. What is your position at ToolTime?

I’m a Senior Customer Success Manager / Account Manager, which includes helping our customers understand ToolTime. I am 'the voice' of ToolTime for many of our customers.

‍2. What does your typical day as a Senior Customer Success Manager look like?‍

There’s no such thing as a typical day, really, except for that I’m always very busy. I have a lot of onboardings with our customers where I help them get to know our tool better and also prepare their databases. My goal is to make their lives easier with ToolTime, so I’m always in contact with our product team to give them any important feedback our customers have. Besides all the customer related topics, I’m also involved in a sales pod to help them out if they have deeper questions about our tool or about what’s happening after they close customers. I’m also involved in a product team squad called Planning & Documentation, where I try to regularly join the daily stand-up. I’m also finding new processes on how we can improve our work inside the team. For that, I work very closely with Moritz together, especially when it concerns the account management department. So to conclude, there’s a lot of daily business which just pops up - my days are very agile.

‍3. What is the best part of working at ToolTime?

My team - I love working with them! Everyone is so open-minded and fun, and I just really like going to work because of them. I also like that we have an impact on smaller to middle-sized companies by helping them digitalize themselves and save money efficiently. I think it’s really nice to be part of something that improves someone else’s business and maybe even someone else’s life.

‍4. What is your fondest ToolTime memory?

My fondest ToolTime memory… there are so many! My application interview was super, super nice. I remember I was super nervous but then Caro (our HR Team Assistant) came, calmed me down and just took good care of me and made me feel welcome. Our last team event was also great, but my most recent highlight was when we had the possibility to go to on-site appointments again and meet with our customers. The first on-site appointment with a customer is always fun because you finally get to see the person behind the voice you have been speaking to for months. When I went to the IFH/Intherm Trade Fair in Nuremberg, it was super crazy seeing all the different kinds of people who use our software come up to us and tell us how satisfied they were.

‍5. What are you most proud of doing at ToolTime?

I’m proud when I can help customers who contact us to tell us something’s not working for them, and we end our call on a happy note after solving the issue. I’m proud when I think that I’m doing a good job when, for example, we can ‘win back’ customers who want to stop using ToolTime by talking to them and figuring out their pain points. One customer just wrote to me that he wanted to thank me for keeping my word because he had many bad experiences with other companies that said they will do something but then didn’t follow up. He really took the time to write an email about that to me, and I felt proud that I could make him happy.

6. What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Let's put it that way: I would love to keep surprising people.

7. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love playing tennis! I really, really love the sport. I also enjoy going out for dinner or cooking with my boyfriend as well as spending time down South where I’m from. I used to travel a lot before Covid, so I would still put that one on the list of things I like doing. I hope at some point I will be able to do it again as much as I did before. But playing tennis is definitely my favorite thing to do outside of work right now.

Thank you, Fabienne, for these cool insights!

Are you also interested in joining the team? We are always on the lookout for new members!

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