Terms and conditions for ToolTime’s Customer Referral Programme (CRP)

ToolTime’s Customer Referral Programme (CRP) offers a reward for successful referrals.

A reward is only granted if the following conditions for reward eligibility are met:

  • You are a paying ToolTime customer
  • Your referral signs a contract with us for a term of at least 12 months
  • The first invoice of your referral has been paid in total
  • Your referral has not yet been in a business relationship with us
  • You are not an employee or agent of your referral and do not have any other business relationship with your referral that would make the bonus invalid
  • You are not in conflict with any legal or contractual obligations by recommending or accepting the reward
  • You have not provided any incorrect information to us or to your referrals, particularly about our offers
  • Your referral explicitly agrees that you may provide his/her data to us to make contact
  • Your referral is only entitled to a credit note of £250 on their first ToolTime invoice when they have signed a contract with a term of at least 12 months and have chosen to be billed annually

You are only entitled to the reward when we explicitly grant it to you. We will decide at our discretion whether the reward requirements are met. You are responsible for the correct taxation of the reward.

Further conditions may apply if the reward is carried about or paid for by third parties.

The amount of the reward is determined as follows:

  • £500 for you as soon as your referral has signed a contract with ToolTime, and has paid their first invoice. Your reward will be credited to your next invoice.
  • £250 for your referral as soon as they have signed a contract with ToolTime. The reward will be credited to your referral's first invoice.

Your reward is typically credited within 30 days of your referral paying their first invoice. Retroactive payments or applying the credit to previously paid invoices is not allowed. Any entitlement to the reward expires if you withdraw from your contract with us. Cash payment of the bonus is not permitted.

Your participation or the conclusion of contracts resulting from your referral does not create a brokerage, employment, or any other commercial intermediary relationship. There is also no right to make or receive legally binding declarations in our name or for our account. The CRP only applies to occasional personal referrals; the commencement of business activities on our behalf is not permitted.

We have sole discretion over whether and under what terms we offer services to referred customers or enter into contracts with them; there is no obligation to offer these services. If no business relationship is established, you are not entitled to any reward or compensation, regardless of the reason. Additionally, we are not obligated to provide information about our legal relationship with the referred customer.

Please ensure that your referral agrees to the sharing of their data with us before sending the referral data to us. Without your referral's permission, you are not permitted to share their data. Please note that non-compliance with these requirements may result in claims for damages, which we explicitly reserve the right to assert.

Claims arising from the CRP are not assignable or transferable.

We reserve the right to change or cancel the CRP at any time.

Legal recourse is excluded.